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Wenzhou changs international is a professional warn light bar manufacturer in China. We provide a wide range of products, including LED warn light bar, siren, speaker, anti riot suit, baton, tire deflation device, and more.

Main Products
  • 100W Vehicle SpeakerWe Wenzhou Changs International have developed this series of 100W vehicle speaker to further complement the current market needs. There are totally HA-CHS-100, HA-CHS-102 and HA-CHS-105 models. To be specific, both HA-CHS-100 and HA-CHS-105 have 8Ω impedance, 120-130dB sound pressure and 350-5000HZ, but the latter measures 360mm×250mm×340mm, smaller than the former model. And the HA-CHS-102 features 8Ω impedance, 110-118dB sound pressure and 400-2100HZ. Furthermore, the HA-CHS-102 and HA-CHS-105 are designed with flat shapes ...
  • Anti Riot SuitThe anti riot suit is specially engineered for police or military applications to protect most of body parts from hard blows and shocks in the riot control, including chest ,back, lower abdomen, shoulders, arms, forearms, knee, thighs, and shin. It is easy to put on and off. And the adjustable jaw belt and standard buckle ensures comfortable and firm wearing. And hard to punch and penetrate by a sharp tool, our product is also equipped with the ability against fire, acid and alkali.