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Tonfa Baton

Referred as T-baton, the tonfa baton of our company is made of thermoplastic polycarbonate, which has many outstanding properties of good flame retardance and strong resistance to impact, heat and chemical corrosion. With the weight of only 0.67kg, the main shaft of the baton is 600mm in length and the length of side-handle is 139mm. The tonfa baton has the functions of both defense and offensive. It has been the important official weapon in many countries

Specifications of Tonfa Baton

Model PXJ-CHS-T1
Color Black
Material PC
Packing Measurement 610 × 210 × 50
Net Weight 0.67kg

As a specialized Tonfa baton manufacturer and supplier in China, wenzhou changs international also offers telescopic baton, mini strobe light bar, 60mm halogen rotator mini light bar, 400W siren, and more.

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  • Telescopic BatonWith a police emblem on end cap, the telescopic baton of our company is especially designed for police. It's a 3-part telescopic baton consisting of magnetic end, handle tube, middle tube, first tube and head screw. The expansion and contraction of the baton is very easy. The expandable baton can be driven out just by grasping the handle and then quick swinging the baton.
  • Polycarbonate Anti Riot ShieldMade of thermoplastic polycarbonate, the polycarbonate anti riot shield is transparent. It's convenient for anti riot personnel to observe the outside situation. This kind of anti riot shield features high refractive index, fine flame retardance and good resistance to impact, heat and chemical corrosion. It can provide a superior optical view nearly without parallaxes. The anti riot personnel can be protected from the attack of brick, stone and stick effectively.