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Telescopic Baton

With a police emblem on end cap, the telescopic baton of our company is especially designed for police. It's a 3-part telescopic baton consisting of magnetic end, handle tube, middle tube, first tube and head screw. The expansion and contraction of the baton is very easy. The expandable baton can be driven out just by grasping the handle and then quick swinging the baton. If you need to contract the baton, just push it firmly with upright head on the ground with no need for great force.

Compliant with standard of GA/T429-2003, the telescopic baton is made of high quality seamless stainless steel tube. It features preferable corrosion resistance and flexibility of environment. Its lifespan is 10 times longer than common steel baton, the attacking times of which have been more than 1000. The rubber handle is available to decrease counterforce and increase friction to prevent the baton from falling out of hand. The magnetic end allows for more stable contraction of the baton. The expansion is also smooth and it can be self-locked by the action of friction, which is convenient for police to get self-protection and attack the criminals.

Specifications of the Telescopic Baton

Model SSG530-CHS-A-C
Material Stainless Steel
Retractility Times of Smoothly Expansion and Contraction ≥ 500
Service Lifetime Attacking Times ≥ 1000
Distortion Ratio <5mm
Tension Strength ≥ 1500N
Corrosion Resistance Property ≥ Level-7
Length Contraction: 200mm ± 2%;
Extension: 525mm ± 2%;
Diameter Φ22 mm
Standard GA/T429-2003
Appearance Round Shape No Visible Bend, Nick, Burr or Other Defect

Wenzhou changs international is a professional telescopic baton manufacturer in China. The wide range of products we offer includes Tonfa baton, traffic spike (tyre deflation device), 20W motorcycle speaker, 1200mm LED warn light bar, and more.

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