Anti Riot Suit (Riot Control Uniform)

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Anti Riot Suit (Riot Control Uniform)

Specifications of Anti Riot Suit (Riot Control Uniform)

Material High-performance engineering plastic and polythene fiber cloth.
Height 160-190 cm
Total protection area 1.08m2
Penetration resistance No penetration by 20J kinetic energy
Impact strength No damage. No crack on protection layer by 120J kinetic energy
Energy absorbency Impress not over 20mm by 100J kinetic energy
Fire-resistance Measure up to FV-2 level for protection layer with oxygen indicator over 28%.
Color Black, Navy blue
Weight < 7.0Kg

As a specialized anti riot suit (riot control uniform) manufacturer in China, wenzhou changs international also offers waterproof halogen light bar, 80W siren, 600mm LED warn light bar, anti riot helmet and more.

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Other Products
  • Metal ShieldMade of alloy aluminum and processed with advanced heat treatment, the metal anti riot shield performs excellent in mechanical property, physical performance and corrosion resistance. It weighs only 3.6kg, so the anti riot personnel can also use the baton with the other hand at the same time. Top of the anti riot shield is a window with well-distributed pinholes, which can facilitate the anti riot personnel observing the circumstances facing them.
  • Polycarbonate Anti Riot ShieldMade of thermoplastic polycarbonate, the polycarbonate anti riot shield is transparent. It's convenient for anti riot personnel to observe the outside situation. This kind of anti riot shield features high refractive index, fine flame retardance and good resistance to impact, heat and chemical corrosion. It can provide a superior optical view nearly without parallaxes. The anti riot personnel can be protected from the attack of brick, stone and stick effectively.