Anti Riot Suit (Riot Control Suit)

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Anti Riot Suit (Riot Control Suit)

Specifications of Anti Riot Suit (Riot Control Suit)

Material High-performance engineering plastic and polythene fabric cloth.
Height 160-190 cm
Total protection area 1.08m2
Penetration resistance No penetration by 20J kinetic energy
Impact strength No damage. No crack on protection layer by 120J kinetic energy
Energy absorbency Impress not over 20mm by 100J kinetic energy
Fire-resistance Measure up to FV-2 level for protection layer with oxygen indicator over 28%.
Color Black, Navy blue
Weight < 7.0Kg

Wenzhou changs international is a professional anti riot suit (riot control suit) manufacturer in China. We offer a broad range of products, including anti riot suit (body armor), mini strobe light bar (xenon light), PC anti riot shield and more.

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