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Anti Riot Suit (Body Armor)

Specifications of Anti-Riot Suit (Body Armor)

Fit body height >170cm
Total protection proportion >1.08m2
Material High-performance engineering plastic and polythene fabric
Penetration resistance 20J kinetic energy to puncture with the protection layer unpenerated at knife point.
Impact resistance Subject to the impact of 120J kinetic energy with the protection layer not damaged or broken.
Energy absorbency Subject to 100J kinetic energy strike at the protection layer and the colloid clay impress doesn't exceed 20mm.
Fireproof performance The protection matches the level FV-2 , with oxygen index of layer no less than 28%.
Color Black, Navy blue
Weight < 8.5Kg

wenzhou changs international is an experienced anti riot suit (body armor) manufacturer, based in China. Our products include anti riot suit (anti riot armor), spike strip (tyre deflation device), 200W vehicle speaker, round warning light, and much more.

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