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100W Vehicle Speaker

We Wenzhou Changs International have developed this series of 100W vehicle speaker to further complement the current market needs. There are totally HA-CHS-100, HA-CHS-102 and HA-CHS-105 models. To be specific, both HA-CHS-100 and HA-CHS-105 have 8Ω impedance, 120-130dB sound pressure and 350-5000HZ, but the latter measures 360mm×250mm×340mm, smaller than the former model. And the HA-CHS-102 features 8Ω impedance, 110-118dB sound pressure and 400-2100HZ. Furthermore, the HA-CHS-102 and HA-CHS-105 are designed with flat shapes, so they can either vertically or horizontally placed in the course of installation.

Owing to the European technology, all these vehicle speakers come with reliable performance and high efficiency. By far, they have been widely used on traffic, police, engineering, fire-fighting and ambulance services.

As a specialized 100W vehicle speaker manufacturer in China, wenzhou changs international also offers Tonfa baton, mini strobe light bar (xenon light), 12 LED nonlinear warn light bar (pulse light), 20W motorcycle speaker, and more.

Other Products
  • 150W Vehicle SpeakerThe 150W vehicle speaker incorporates HA-CHS-150, HA-CHS-152 and HA-CHS-155 models which are all characterized by greater power, louder sound and excellent warning effect. The higher sound pressure allows for long-distance sound spreading. And the sound pressure of the HA-CHS-150 model is up to 120-130dB. The in-built volume adjuster can effortlessly realize volume adjustment to meet your various requirements.
  • 200W Vehicle SpeakerThe 200 W vehicle speaker is available in HA-CHS-200 and HA-CHS-201 models. And their circuits are controlled by a tiny single chip for stable performance and extended lifespan. There is a variety of warning sounds for option with natural and clear tones. And frequency ranges from 350 to 5000HZ. When in low frequency, the products feature low fidelity rate and high quality sounds, and meanwhile vividly replay the original sounds.
  • Metal ShieldMade of alloy aluminum and processed with advanced heat treatment, the metal anti riot shield performs excellent in mechanical property, physical performance and corrosion resistance. It weighs only 3.6kg, so the anti riot personnel can also use the baton with the other hand at the same time. Top of the anti riot shield is a window with well-distributed pinholes, which can facilitate the anti riot personnel observing the circumstances facing them.
  • Polycarbonate Anti Riot ShieldMade of thermoplastic polycarbonate, the polycarbonate anti riot shield is transparent. It's convenient for anti riot personnel to observe the outside situation. This kind of anti riot shield features high refractive index, fine flame retardance and good resistance to impact, heat and chemical corrosion. It can provide a superior optical view nearly without parallaxes. The anti riot personnel can be protected from the attack of brick, stone and stick effectively.
  • 35W Halogen Alarm LightThis 35W halogen alarm light features a stationary 35W halogen lamp with a rotating parabolic reflector. It is enclosed in an impact resistant dome for additional durability. The optional branch guard provides additional protection around the dome's housing. Its sturdy design and effective warning capability make this warning light ideal for a variety of applications. Also, it is economically priced.
  • Bullet Proof HelmetMaterial: Alloy Steel
    Weight: ≤ 1400g-2300g
    Pack Size: 510 mm × 460 mm × 290 mm
    QTY/CTN: 10 helmets/carton
  • 55W Halogen Bulb Search LightThe 55 W halogen Bulb search light is a reliable and effective warning light in an attractive and compact package. Its lampshade has high transmittance and strong bounce force against impact. The 55 W halogen bulb is chosen as the light source, featuring high photovoltaic conversion efficiency, easy replacement as well as long lifetime. With such brilliant bulb, the large parabolic reflector installed in halogen ...