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20W Motorcycle Speaker

Specially engineered to satisfy the demands for small-power speaker in the market, the 20 W motorcycle speaker comes into existence. Its power-efficient characteristic can help you save a lot of costs. Net weight being only 0.4kg, it is ideally suited for motorcycle and other vehicles. As the sound pressure is up to 115 to 120dB, the desirable sound can be evenly distributed to every direction with desirable sound signals filtered out among various interferences in noisy environments. And the sound can be well received in a larger distance, thus this speaker product is well suited for outdoor applications. Adopting the advanced sealing technology, our speaker is greatly waterproof, thus capable of working in rainy days.

Technical Specifications of 20 W Motorcycle Speaker

Model Number HA-CHS-020
Power 20W
Sound Pressure 115-120db
Frequency Range 350-5000Hz
Net Weight 0.4kg
Pack Measure 475×460×560mm

As a specialized 20W motorcycle speaker manufacturer in China, wenzhou changs international also provides anti riot suit (body armor), 80W vehicle speaker, 27 module LED traffic signal light, and 5M tire deflation device, among others.

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