KN-IP2J100S/130S/200S IP Camera

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KN-IP2J100S/130S/200S IP Camera

Brief Introduction
1.This KN-IP2J100S IP camera adopts the standard H.264 Main Profile for video compression.
2. With two megapixels, it offers 720P images that are showed in diversified resolution of D1, H-D1, CIF and QCIF.
3. Our product allows the flexible switchover of PAL system with optional CBR and VBR. Its maximum frame rate reaches 30fps and 25fps corresponding to the NTSC system and PAL system.
4. This IP camera performs with smooth transmission of superior images in different applicable networks like LAN, WI-FI and other private ones.
5. It offers dual data rate for transmission, storage and browse according to the demands of users.
6. The advance SDK technique is useful for users to make further development for the software to enhance the versatility of the product.
7. It provides autodial for networking via the PPPoE.
8. The internally installed web servicer facilitates the direct application of IE for data connection, inspection and parameters set.
9. Our IP camera is configured with the intercom for bidirectional communication, video shielding device for different areas and the 32G SD card for storing the front end datum and signals.
10. Working in different alarm modes like motion detection alarm, I/O alarm, video loss alarm and so on, this product activates a variety of linked actions including the audible and visual alarm, message alert, automatic recording, automatic snapshot, automatic email sending, etc.

Technical Specifications
Image pickup device CMOS, 1/4″100 mega pixels, 1/2.5″130/200 mega pixels
Installation of lens CS installation
Automatic diaphragmSupport
Minimum illumination1Lux
Shutter Auto
CMOS Parameters Color mode Colorful/black and white
Mirror image switchNormal/ Horizontal/ Vertical/Rotating at 180 degree
Adjustable parameter Brightness/acutance /chromaticity
Gain Red /blue
Image resolution QCIF: 176×144 (PAL), 176×128 (NTSC)
CIF: 352×288 (PAL), 352×240 (NTSC)
H-D1: 720×288 (PAL), 720×240 (NTSC)
D1: 720×576 (PAL), 720×480 (NTSC)
Frame rate PAL system: 25fps
NTSC system: 30fps (adjustable)
No system: 720P
Data rate16Kbps ~ 6Mbps, CBR/VBR adjustable
Character superimpositionThe superimposition of words and time
Network interface 1 piece of RJ45, 10/100M self adaptation
Wireless performance WI-FI module (Optional)
Networking protocol TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, DHCP, SMTP, Telnet, PPPoE, DDNS
IE application With the embedded web servicer, users can use the IE to scan and control the pictures directly.
User management Grading management of multiple users allows their simultaneous access to the equipment.
Built-in watchdog Offers timed inspection for the operation status of equipment and software, as well as automatic recovery of system in the abnormal situation.
Remote reset and upgrading system The networking reset system and the upgrading firmware are adopted.
Accompanying sound 1 channel (optional)
Audible talkback Bidirectional audible talkback (optional)
Standard of audio compression G.711A, G.711U, ADPCM
Local storage SD card support (optional)
FTP function FTP video download
Email function The alarm information report (optional)
Alarm function Alerting for motion detection, video losing and I/O status.
Ambient temperature and humidity Temperature: -10ºC~50ºC
Humidity: ≤95%
Power supply DC 12V/2.0A
Max. Power 5W
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