KN-289 Alarm Control Panel

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KN-289 Alarm Control Panel

Product Introduction
1. Wireless connection: The detector and the KN-0289 alarm control panel are concocted wirelessly though 1 million address bits, preventing signal interference at the same address. It is easy to expand the address storing capacity.
2. Code matching function: This product is divided into 8 defense areas, capable of code matching with 8 probes and 8 remote controllers.
3. Emergency calling: In the emergency circumstance, users can press the emergency button on the controller to send the signals for help.
4. Intelligent defense areas: The 8 main defense areas can be programmed separated as the standard defense area and the doorbell for welcoming customers.
5. Smart identification: This alarm control panel offers automatic identification of diversified signals send by the detector, distinguishing the low level alert signals sent by infrared detector and door sensor and the high level alert situations while detecting the smoke and coal gas. If the high level alarm situation is identified, that means the signals of coal gas, smoke and fire sent by the sensor are received, this product will give the alarm signals in spite of the disarming status.
6. Doorbell function: This alarm control panel owns the universal functions of working as the door sensor and doorbell. Through dialing the code on the door sensor, users can confirm that it is used as the door sensor or doorbell easily without any reset on the device.
7. Power failure protection: The preset parameters of the product are not subject to the power failure.
8. Volume adjustment: There are four electric shifts for adjusting the volume.
9. Information indication: Our alarm control panel is configured with LED indicator lamp, alarm defense areas display lights, alarm indication lamp, indicator light for defense setting and alternating current indication light.
10. Power supply: This product adopts the internally mounted batteries to ensure the system to work normally for 24 hours when the alternating current fails.

Technical Parameters
Supply VoltageAC 187-242V DC9-15V
Quiescent Current≤50mA
Warning Current≤250mA
Received Frequency315MHz, 433MHz ± 1MHz
Reserve Power SupplyOptional 1.2V×8 rechargeable batteries
Alarm Loudness≥80dB within 1m
Wireless Operating Frequency315MHz, 433.92MHz
Operating Temperature-10ºC~50ºC
Working Humidity<80%
Overall Dimension143×148×43mm
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Other Products
  • KN-299 Alarm Control PanelAutomatic code matching: Through the wireless addresses, the device learns and matches the codes of ambient equipment automatically. With eight defense areas, it can match the codes of 32 probes and 4 remote controllers.
    Wireless connection: The detector and the product are connected wirelessly with 1 million address bits to avoid the signal interference at the same address and facilitate the expansion of address bits.
  • KN-589 Alarm Control PanelEmergency calling: In the emergent conditions, users can press the emergency button on the controller and the device will dial six sets of alerting numbers stored in advance for help.
    Wired defense area: This alarm control panel is equipped with four wired emergency defense areas, which can be connected to various wired detectors or emergency buttons.
  • KN-599 Alarm Control PanelSmart identification: This product is capable of automatically identifying the signals of diversified sensors and distinguishing the low alerting situations like IR detector and door sensor, the high level of alarm situations like smoke, coal gas and so on. If receiving the signals of coal gas, smoke, fire and other high level alarm situations, the product will signal the alarm in spite of in armed or disarmed modes.
  • KN-798 Alarm Control PanelDue to the dot matrix LCD screen in Chinese with a 4×4 keyboard, the programming of the product becomes easier.
    Aided with 8 wired and wireless detection zones respectively, users can distinguish the alerting situations in wired areas and wireless areas clearly.
    The alarm control panel has 8 zones with corresponding codes and controllers.
  • KN-799 Alarm Control PanelOur product is divided into 4 wired detection zones and 8 wireless detection zones clearly to present different alarm situations.
    The hierarchical passwords include a setter password, a main code of users and 8 groups of user passwords for different zones.