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KN-699 Alarm Control Panel

Product Introduction
1.Telephone alerting: The KN-699 alarm control panel supports automatic alarm with six telephone lines getting through the cell phone and desk phone of the users, the alarm receiving center and so on. (Available for A type device)
2. Automatic code matching: It is arranged with 100 detection zones for learning and matching the codes of 300 wireless detectors.
3. Wireless connection: The product gets connected to the detectors through storing 1 million address bits without any wire. In this way, the signal interference of the same address will be avoided effectively and it is easy to expand the storage capacity of the addresses.
4. Remote control: The alarm control panel can be controlled by phone for remote sound monitoring, signaling the alarm, recording, record playback, remote arming and disarming, silencing the alarm and other functions. If upgraded to the household intelligent control system, it is available in controlling the household appliances, such as starting the heater, rice cooker, air conditioner, lights, etc.
5. Emergency calling: The emergency button on the panel is used to activate the alarm to signal for help via dialing six groups of stored alerting telephone numbers.
6. Wired detection zones: There are four wired emergency detection zones capable of connecting to diverse wired detectors that are normally opened or closed.
7. Intelligent detection zone: All the detection zones can be programmed separately as standard detection zone, and the irrevocable arming zone for 24 hours.
8. Smart identification: This alarm control panel performs with automatic identification on the signals of diversified sensors, automatic discrimination of the low alerting situations like IR detector and door sensor, the high level of alarm situations like smoke, coal gas and so on. If the signals of coal gas, smoke, fire and other high level alarm situations are detected, the product will signal the alarm in spite of in armed or disarmed modes.
9. Timed arming and disarming: Users can set two groups of timed arming zones and two groups of defense areas disarmed at fixed time. The alarm control panel will start and close the arming state automatically at the set time.
10. Power failure protection: The preset function of the product runs normally when the power fails.
11. Information indication: This product utilizes the LCD screen to display the time, alarm defense zones. It is designed with lights for indicating the operational function, alerting, low voltage of battery, disconnection of telephone line, recording and alternating current failure.
12. Alerting priority: No matter when the telephone line is occupied by calling or receiving calls in the emergency, the A type alarm control panel will be prior to alarm.
13. Audible alarm: Users are allowed to make a record of 20 seconds in advance so as to play the recode automatically in the telephone alerting. This function is available for the A type product.
14. Information protection: Any change of the information about the product can be implemented through password.
15. Power supply: The product is able to work normally for 24 hours in the alternating power failure for its internally mounted battery.
16. Panel manipulation: The functional key on the control panel can help users to accomplish all operations.
17. Networking: This alarm control panel can be networked to the 110 police center, sending the alarm information. (Applicable for A type device)
18. Information inquiry: With 50 records stored, the product can be checked for various operation status.

Technical Parameters
Supply Voltage: AC 187-242V, DC 9-15V
Quiescent Current: ≤50mA
Warning Current: ≤250mA
Received Frequency: 230.16MHz
Reserve Power Supply: Optional 1.2V×8 rechargeable batteries
Alarm Loudness: ≥80dB within 1m
Dial Mode: Dual audio frequency dial
Dialing Parameters: -7±2dBM (high frequency cluster electrical level), -9±2dBM (low frequency cluster electrical level)
Operating Temperature: -10ºC~50ºC
Working Humidity: <80%

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