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KN-799 Alarm Control Panel

Brief Introduction
1. This KN-799 alarm control panel is configured with the GSM module to realize the voice and message alarm communication under all the alerting situations or select the arming or disarming reports through the GSM network.
2. In the operation process, it offers kind voice prompt in Chinese and precise reports for the alerting information.
3. Arranged with a dot matrix LCD screen displayed in Chinese and a 4×4 keyboard, this device is convenient for programming and operation.
4. Our product is divided into 4 wired detection zones and 8 wireless detection zones clearly to present different alarm situations.
5. The hierarchical passwords include a setter password, a main code of users and 8 groups of user passwords for different zones.
6. This alarm control panel is compatible with the Ademco Contact ID communication protocol of alarm receiving center. It allows free storage of six groups of telephone or mobile numbers, the communication modes and the defense zones needing communication. Users can decide whether the communication is needed for the arming or disarming operation and the systematic state information.
7. With the telephone or mobile connected to the phone linked to the product remotely, this product supports the remote audio monitoring, recording, arming, disarming, alerting at site and other operations.
8. The alarm control panel is capable of learning and matching the codes of wireless detectors and remote controllers automatically. As it can encode 5 different detectors in each wireless defense zone, 8 detection zones allow it to encode 40 distinguished detectors and learn the codes of 10 controllers.
9. The wired detection zone gives the response at the adjustable speed of 50ms to 750ms. The circuit varies in three types including the normally opened, normally closed types or with EOL or end of line, facilitating the connection to various wired detectors.
10. This alarm control panel allows setting double separate timed operation of arming and disarming for various zones.
11. It is flexible to set the delay time of alerting and arming in the range of 0 to 250 seconds, as well as the list of corresponding detection zones.
12. Functioning perfect self inspection, the product alarms when it is disassembled, the alternating current fails, the telephone line stops working, the backup battery or the detector is short of power, the detector is dismounted or does not work any more. It is necessary to select our matched detectors for the product.
13. This alarm control panel adopts 2 sets of wireless devices or wireless alerting signal linkage mechanism. It can signal the alarm from the wired detectors.
14. It keeps the latest 50 systematic messages or alarm records with detailed time. The excessive recent parts will be stored automatically and the earliest ones will be covered cyclically. The records are forbidden to be rectified or deleted by users.
15. Our device is informed of the open or close status of the wireless detectors with prompt.
16. It can work with double power supply including the 220V alternating current and storage battery. This product offers automatic shift to battery powered mode against the failure of alternating current to keep standby operation over 24 hours.

Technical Parameters
Operating Voltage: AC 220V (90%~110%)
Working Environment: -10ºC ~ +55ºC
Transmitting Frequency: 433.92MHz
Emission Distance: ≥200m (433.92MHz)
Auxiliary Current: ≤200mA
Relative Humidity: 10%~80%
Alarm Loudness: ≥80dB within 1m
Overall Size: 215mm×160mm×57mm

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