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The 7 M tire deflation device features a folding construction with the length up to 7M when unfolded, thus it is usually placed in the gateways of toll stations, widened lanes, parking lots, prisons, etc. It is extremely convenient to carry because it weighs only 9.2kg and can be easily encased in a suitcase measuring 760mm×235mm×570mm. Also, the spike tip is fitted with a rubber sleeve to protect both the spike from damage and operator from dangers. And such rubber sleeve doesn't need to remove away, since with it the spike can still puncture through the tires. And each time it has to be tested after use, with the worn ones being replaced.

Specifications of 7 M Tire Deflation Device

MEASUREMENT 760mm × 235mm × 570mm

Wenzhou changs international is a professional 7M tire deflation device manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including 300W siren, strobe reflector light bar, public security strobe light bar, anti riot suit, and more.

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