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Halogen Light Bar

The halogen light bar comes with easier production and more economical price in contrast with LED warn light bars. By far, 13 types of this product have been in the market, suiting your different requirements to a larger extent.

Taking the halogen light bulb as the light source, all these halogen light bar products have advantages of high optical effectiveness, less energy consumption as well as excellent resistance against background light and frost. Stamped with the lightweight aluminum material one time, the base has a seamless and elegant look. Meanwhile, the base possesses sound self-cleaning ability as well as excellent resistance to aging, and corrosion, thanks to the electrostatic spray finish. Thus the base can be used for a longer time. The halogen light bars we supply are adapted to any weather conditions, since their circuits are designed with reliability and stability, and all the outlets and plugs particularly water-proof. Weighing from 12kg to 19.5kg, these products come in red, yellow, blue and transparent colors to cater to customers' different application needs. By now, this series of product has been widely used on police cars, fire engine, ambulance and rescue vehicles, etc.

As a professional halogen light bar manufacturer in China, we also provide LED traffic signal light, 9 LED warn light bar, mini strobe light bar, and 7M tire deflation device, among others.

Other Products
  • LED Warn Light BarDistinct from ordinary light bars, its photoelectric conversion efficiency is up to 90%, so it is highly effective and energy-saving. Requiring no filament and glass bulb, this product emits light with the semiconductor chips, and can effectively resist against vibration and breaking with the operation life up to 3 years. Moreover, it creates no ultraviolet and infrared rays, and no radiation and electromagnetic interference.
  • LED Warn Light Bar (Strobe and Flashing Light)The LED warn light bar (strobe and flashing light) features an exceptional light output performance, far exceeding other linear light bars. The combination of an elliptical shape and patented reflector technology allows for a 360º light coverage and off-axis light output. Available in various lengths, the moisture-resistant light bars stand up the most demanding weather conditions.
  • Emergency Vehicle LED Light BarThe emergency vehicle LED light bar features a outstanding elliptical shape and patented LED reflector technology. This makes this product able to emit light in 360º and to give an excellent off-axis light output. Such advantageous optical performance has far surpassed the other liner lightbar. Furthermore, this patented technology can help you reduce repair costs and increase working hours of the emergency vehicle on the road.
  • Strobe Light BarThe lampshade is made of PC material with a coated surface, making sure the hardness is over 4H and the lampshade itself is highly resistant against outside impact. Meanwhile, the transparency rate of the PC lampshade surpass 9-grade, thus the light can maximally penetrate through it. The base adopts aluminum and the middle part stainless steel.