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Traffic Warning, Police and Army Equipment Manufacturer

Established in 2002, Wenzhou Changs International has more than 10 years of experience in the development and manufacture of Traffic Warning, Police and Army Equipment. We also provide equipment for traffic, police, engineering, fire-fighting, and ambulance services, and a wide variety of other products including our light bar, speaker, siren, and anti-riot control equipment.
  • LED Warn Light Bar
  • LED Warn Light BarThe LED warn light bar has gained increasing popularity among customers owing to the advantages of high brightness, sound stability and low power consumption. It is commonly found on special vehicles, such as police cars, fire engine, ambulance and rescue vehicle, etc.
    Distinct from ordinary light bars, its photoelectric conversion efficiency is up to 90%, so it is highly effective and energy-saving. Requiring no filament and glass bulb, this product emits light with the semiconductor chips, and can effectively resist against vibration and breaking with the operation life up to 3 years.
  • 108KA Siren
  • 108KA Siren Model: CJB-CHS-108KA
    Voltage: DC12/24V
    Power: 100W
    Electrical current: 10A
    Impedance: 8Ω
    Sound pressure: 110~120dB
  • 100W Vehicle Speaker
  • 100W Vehicle SpeakerWe Wenzhou Changs International have developed this series of 100W vehicle speaker to further complement the current market needs. There are totally HA-CHS-100, HA-CHS-102 and HA-CHS-105 models. To be specific, both HA-CHS-100 and HA-CHS-105 have 8Ω impedance, 120-130dB sound pressure and 350-5000HZ, but the latter measures 360mm×250mm×340mm, smaller than the former model. And the HA-CHS-102 features 8Ω impedance, 110-118dB sound pressure and 400-2100HZ. Furthermore, the HA-CHS-102 and HA-CHS-105 are designed with flat shapes ...
  • Anti Riot Suit
  • Anti Riot SuitThe anti riot suit is specially engineered for police or military applications to protect most of body parts from hard blows and shocks in the riot control, including chest ,back, lower abdomen, shoulders, arms, forearms, knee, thighs, and shin. It is easy to put on and off. And the adjustable jaw belt and standard buckle ensures comfortable and firm wearing. And hard to punch and penetrate by a sharp tool, our product is also equipped with the ability against fire, acid and alkali.
  • Anti Riot Helmet
  • Anti Riot HelmetThe Anti-riot helmet is mainly designed for police use to protect its wearer's head, face and eyes from dangerous substances in riot control. Made of PC material, it features high intensity against great impact and vibration, wearability as well as colorfastness. The visor makes our product free from fog, thus providing high transparency. This kind of helmet also features good light penetration, excluding UV rays. The stylish and generous shape and novel design also attract more and more customers to buy.
  • Tonfa Baton
  • Tonfa BatonReferred as T-baton, the tonfa baton of our company is made of thermoplastic polycarbonate, which has many outstanding properties of good flame retardance and strong resistance to impact, heat and chemical corrosion. With the weight of only 0.67kg, the main shaft of the baton is 600mm in length and the length of side-handle is 139mm. The tonfa baton has the functions of both defense and offensive. It has been the important official weapon in many countries .
  • 7M Tire Deflation Device
  • 7M Tire Deflation DeviceThe 7 M tire deflation device features a folding construction with the length up to 7M when unfolded, thus it is usually placed in the gateways of toll stations, widened lanes, parking lots, prisons, etc. It is extremely convenient to carry because it weighs only 9.2kg and can be easily encased in a suitcase measuring 760mm×235mm×570mm. Also, the spike tip is fitted with a rubber sleeve to protect both the spike from damage and operator from dangers. And such rubber sleeve doesn't need to remove away, since with it the spike can still puncture through the tires.